Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Counting Cards

I'm still on my Spring kick.  In math we are moving into Ways to Make 10 while we continue with  Recognizing and Writing Large Numbers.  So, I made these two games with these concepts in mind.  The directions are on the recording sheets.  I'm going to probably make more of these so that there will also be a way to make 10 using subtraction if the students want.  The cards were so large that I needed to have 2 downloads, so make sure you get both.  Thanks for all of the encouraging words from everyone out there.  I'm glad you like the stuff I make.  I LOVE doing this.  I need to find some more idea's.... 

Download #1                 Download #2


  1. Loving Spring Ideas. I too am working on 'In like a Lion and Out like a lamb' concept. Keep Inspiring!

    Cheryl from Mrs. Saoud's Class

  2. Love these ideas! I awarded you the stylish blogger award. Love reading your fun ideas! Head over to me blog to check out what to do!

  3. I love these! And, I just stumbled upon your blog. So, even though I didn't vote for the stylish blogger award, I would've if I had known!

    Emma @