Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Math Game for Beginning of 1st Grade

I just finished summer school and I had the low, rising first graders.  This helped me figure out what they will need at the start of the year.  I seem to forget what they are like at the start of the year because when the 1st graders leave at the end of the year they have come sooooo far.  So, I realize they need beginning number concepts.  They can orally count and have some number recognition, but the teens numbers seem to be what they need the most help with.  I made this game to practice what comes before and after a number.  I found that the really low kids could do this if they had a number line in front of them.  As I was watching them play a version of this I made using stars and fireworks (let me know of you would want this), I saw that when they were looking up a number on the number line they didn't always have to start at one.  Yhea!!  they do have some skills.  Now that I'm done with summer school, I should have time to start making more games.  I've got lots of ideas, so keep watching for more.