Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Bump!

Gobble, gobble, it's turkey time!  Here's a game board I made to use during these next few days before the Thanksgiving break.  It's the game of Bump.  If you don't know how to play, here's the directions.  It's for 2 players.  They will need a game board, dice and some unifix cubes, about 12 each of their on color.  Player 1 rolls the dice, adds up the amount and then places a cube on the answer.  Player 2 rolls the dice, adds up and places a cube on the answer.  If player 1 has a cube on the number, player 2 may bump player 1 off.  Play continues.  If a player gets a sum that they already have made, they get to put a cube on top of their other one.  This "locks" in that number and then they can not get "bumped" off.  A variation of this game for the higher learners is to use 3 die and then the student uses both addition and subtraction to get an answer.  Kids LOVE this game and ask for it often.  They loved seeing the turkeys on it.  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Cover Up

Here's the second game I made.  This game is just another version of Clear the Board or Elimination.  It's a great strategy game for all levels.  I just taught this one to my kids and they love it.  I'm going to need to make more copies for them!  I hope your kids like it also.

I Spy OrdinalsI

I made this game ages ago and forgot about it!!!  It's been a crazy busy fall and my desktop on my laptop looked like how I was feeling.  Full of stuff that was almost impossible to organize, so I just kept putting more onto it.  Well, conferences are over and I just finished my report cards.  I decided to clean off the desktop and I found this game and another one I made which I need to tweak and then I'll post it also.  These may be past the time you'd want to use them, so I was thinking that if anyone wants me to, I could remake them with graphics that are more seasonal.  These were at the time I made them, honest!  I wish I had remembered that I had made them.  I'm going to go ahead and use them next week in my room.  Anyway, here is I Spy Ordinals for you.  I hope you can use them and let me know if you'd want some others.