Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hamburgers and Hotdogs SLAP!

I know that some of you are already out of school for the Summer  but we still have 2 more weeks to go!  I'm actually kind of glad (I know I'm nuts! but I really like my class and we have a lot of fun together).  I made this game to help the kids continue to strengthen their automaticity of their math facts in addition and subtraction.  I know they will get a bit loud when they play this but it's the price we have to pay!  They get so excited when they play these kind of games.  I made them hamburgers and hotdogs in honor of Memorial Day!  Get ready for a fun time in your room!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Q R Codes and Shapes and fractions!

I discovered QR codes from reading Swamp Frog First Graders Blog and they are the neatest things.  If you are not sure what they are then here's the scoop.  You know how you go to the grocery store and they scan the bar codes on the products so you know how much they cost?  Well a QR Code , which by the way stands for" Quick Response", is a square box that has all kinds of geometric shapes in it that when scanned by a QR reader has all kinds of information imbedded in it.  I first saw one in a magazine that had an advertisement for a movie.  There is a free download at that allows you to make the codes.  Then you can use an ipod that has a camera and also has an app on it (you can find it free to download, ask your IT person because I don't know what it is....but I do know that Apple has one for free) and then click away.  You can also use a Smart Phone that has the app downloaded on it.  These really are soooooooo cool.  I've made my kids names and then they went around the room looking for theirs.  So, I've made this sheet that kills 2 birds with one stone.  The kids click on the QR and it tells them to draw a shape and then to make it into a fraction.  I hope someone out there  will be able to use this.  My mind is spinning with ideas of things to make and use in the classroom.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Equal or Not equal or in other words: Baby Algebra

For some reason my post got deleted!!!  So, I went and fixed it up a bit and here you go, the new and improved Equal or Not Equal Game.   My kids played it and offered suggestions and they were very good ones!  Here's the game and there is a recording sheet that is in a separate download.  I hope your kids have fun playing this and let me know what you and they think.  I love feedback........ I seem to thrive on it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Critter Color Tens and Ones

I guess I'm on a color in kick!  The kids work in pairs or groups of 3.  They choose a card that has a base ten block picture on it.  They figure out the number and then look for the number on the critter sheet.  They color in the number.  If they choose a card and there isn't a space to color in then they loose their turn. When the whole sheet has been colored in they count to see how many each player colored to find the winner.